Information about the August 2017 trip

You can still join the August delegation of the Korea Peace Tours to North Korea. This page explains what practical steps you need to take right now to take part in the upcoming trip.

Trip Itinerary

This is an exciting time. The itinerary for this trip is chock full and will give each person an opportunity to experience and learn about modern life in the DPRK, as well as the history and culture of the country. Check out the draft itinerary here.


There are four things that we need from you when you  make your deposit by May 30, 2017. They should all be e-mailed to us at

The first form is the Tour and Visa Application form for the DPRK.

The second form is the Travel Services Agreement with Glocal Encounters, which is the partner of Korea Peace Tours.

The third thing that is required is a scanned color copy of the picture page of your passport. This is required to gain a visa from the DPRK.

The fourth thing required is a scanned color headshot as a .JPG.

Glocal Encounters will obtain the DPRK visa for you and it will be presented when you attend an orientation meeting in Beijing on August 5 before we depart for Pyongyang on Air Koryo.

Below are the links to the two forms that you need to print, fill out, scan and email back to

Travel Service Agreement

Tour and Visa Application

Paying your deposit

The cost of the August trip is $2,800, which includes airfare from Beijing to Pyongyang, travel within the DPRK, accommodations, food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), tour guides, and entrance fees to museums and other venues. At the time that you submit your paperwork, please also pay a deposit of $600. Your deposit will be refunded if your visa application is denied, but it is not refundable for any other reason. The full payment will be due no later than June 20, 2017.

E-mail us for information about payment.

Additional information

You will be responsible for obtaining a travel visa to China. Although U.S. travelers who will be staying in Beijing under 72 hours are not required to hold a visa, during our last tour some travelers encountered hassles boarding their planes to Beijing. Thus, to save any potential hassle, we are requiring that participants obtain a travel visa to China. Information on how to do so can be found here.

Glocal Encounters requires that all travelers obtain emergency medical insurance. You can pick your provider, but two possible providers are:  Travel Guard, which offers both travel and medical policies, and International SOS, which offers medical policies.

We look forward to receiving your paperwork and deposit.

If you have additional questions, you can email

August 2017: Korea Peace Tour

Be a part of our next delegation to the DPRK!

August 5 – August 12, 2017 (8 Days, 7 Nights)

Pyongyang – Sinchun – Panmumjom – DMZ – Kaesung – Kumchon – Sariwon – Pyongyang – Mt. Myohyang – Pyongyang

Cost: $2,800
Deposit of $600 due by May 30
Balance due by June 20

* This schedule is tentative, and may be customized based on participants’ interests

Interested in joining? Fill out the application here!

Day 1 (Saturday, August 5): Arrival in Pyongyang

Fly from Beijing to Pyongyang on Air Koryo (JS) flight 152, 1 PM to 4 PM, and you will be greeted by the local DPRK guides. As you enter the city, stop by Arch of Triumph, Moranbong Theater, and Pyongyang train station before checking in at the 4-star Yanggakdo International Hotel. Hearty dinner will be served at Chongryu Hotpot Restaurant. Visit Juche Tower, and enjoy the night scenery of Pyongyang along the Taedong River. Stay at Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 2 (Sunday, August 6): Sinchun, Panmunjom, DMZ, Kaesung

After breakfast at the hotel, ride to Sinchun, the site of great massacre during the Korean War. At Sinchun Museum of American War Atrocities, you will see the tombs of children and mothers and hear the survivors of the massacre of 1950. Then we ride down to Panmunjom (border between the North and the South as well as the last vestige of the Cold War), Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Signing Hall for Korean Armistice Agreement, and the Concrete Wall that completely divides the two Koreas. After lunch at Tong Il Restaurant, we will ride to Kaesong, the capital of ancient Koryo dynasty and home to 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Immerse yourself in the 14th century Korean history as we visit Koryo Museum, Koryo Sungkyunkwan University, and Sungyang Library Hall, a rare 14th century Confucian academy that maintains the design and wooden architectural style that preceded the Japanese invasion of 1592. Admire the Tomb of King Kongmin, which consists of two burial mounds of King Kongmin and his beloved Queen Noguk, a Mongolian princess, then Manwoldae, the official royal palace of Koryo dynasty. Enjoy dinner and stay at Folkcustoms Hotel of Kaesong.

Day 3 (Monday, August 7): Kumchon, Sariwon, Pyongyang

After breakfast at Folkcustoms Hotel, visit Kumchon Ginseng Plantation before driving through Sariwon to Pyongyang. Lunch is at the Mangyongdae Gallery Restaurant (Pyongyang Bibimbop), then visit the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute, a leading force of vegetation research and production. Head toward the Mankyungdae Youth Palace for extra-curricular activities and computer education, where 600 teachers volunteer to assist 5,000 children each day. Then visit the prestigious Changgwang Kindergarten, the foundational institution for the performing arts of DPRK. Tour the city of Pyongyang, which includes monumental architecture and streets such as Future Scientist Street, a residential complex of scientists. Entertainment program will follow the dinner and then stay at Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 4 (Tuesday, August 8): Pyongyang

After the breakfast at the hotel, visit Taesungsan Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery which honors the independence fighters against the Japanese rule. The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum features a simulation experience of the Korea War, and showcases real artillery used and captured, as well as walk-through models of battlefields. See the thematical statue <VICTORY> at the Monument to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War, and step inside the USS <Pueblo>, the U.S. naval intelligence ship captured in 1968 for straying into DPRK waters. Lunch is at Taedong River Cruise Restaurant, then tour the Korean People’s Army Arms Exhibition Center before taking the artistic Pyongyang metro, one of the deepest – 100 meters down the ground – metro systems of the world. Take a walk around Kim Il Sung Square, the world’s 3rd largest public square, and tour the Rungna People’s Amusement Park or Moranbong – called “peony peak” for its natural features, and the site of Kim Il-Sung’s public speech after returning from exile in 1945. Enjoy outdoor roller skating, and after dinner at the hotel, take a walk along the Taedong River and join the citizens’ dance in front of Pyongyang Grand Theater, a crossover style of architecture between the Stalinist and traditional Korean designs. Stay at Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 5 (Wednesday, August 9): Pyongyang, Korean Art

After breakfast at the hotel, visit local schools. Lunch is at the hotel, then tour Korean Art Museum for the Celebration Arts Exhibition. Visit Mansoodae Art Gallery, housing 4,000 artists, before dinner at the hotel. Enjoy the celebratory performances before joining the evening soiree at the Kim Il Sung Square with fireworks. Stay at Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 6 (Thursday, August 10): Mt. Myohyang

After breakfast at the hotel, we will drive to Myohangsan, a UNESCO designated “world biosphere reserve.” Visit Pohyon Buddhist Temple, the original repository of Tripitaka Koreana, the complete collection of Buddhist scriptures carved on over 800,000 wooden blocks. Stop by the Revolutionary History Museum, and enjoy a picnic lunch before taking a short hiking trip up to the Manpok Waterfall Valley walking trails. Have dinner and stay at the 15-story pyramid-style Hyangsan Hotel.

Day 7 (Friday, August 11): Pyongyang

After breakfast at the hotel, visit the International Friendship Exhibition, a national treasure house that features over 220,000 gifts from the international leaders and celebrities of over 170 countries. Heading back to Pyongyang, we will visit Kim Il Sung University’s Electronic Library & Swimming Pool. Lunch will be at the Italian Seafood Restaurant on the famous Kwangbok Street – designed as a city within a city. Visit Grand People’s Study House which houses 30 million books, play a friendship soccer game with students of Pyongyang Soccer Academy, and enjoy farewell dinner at Taedong Beer 2 Restaurant. Take a walk along the Taedong River, and stay at Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 8 (Saturday, August 12): Depart for Home

Breakfast at the hotel, then depart Pyongyang for Beijing on JS 151 at 9 AM. Arrive in Beijing at 10 AM.

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