September 2015: Instrument Exhibition Tour

Dates: Monday, September 14th to Saturday, September 19th (6 Days, 5 Nights)

An open call for all music lovers; instrumentalists; performing groups; instrument manufacturers; instrument distributers; retail entrepreneurs; manufacturers of equipment, parts and supplies; technical experts; instrumental research institutes; instrumental educators; instrumental majors; music education schools and organizations; music studios; instrumental and other musical specialists; youth; various entrepreneurs; and travel enthusiasts!


Visits to educational institutes and impromptu joint concerts (at Pyongyang University of Music and Dance, elementary & secondary schools, kindergartens, preschools), the Pyongyang Musical Instrument Exhibition, performances, and various performing arts venues. Also included are general tours (Mt. Myohyang, DIY concert in the woods, Pyongyang city tour) and business meetings (individual requests accepted).


Day 1 (Sunday, September 13):

Arrive in Beijing for an orientation meeting

Day 2 (Monday, September 14):

Depart Beijing via Koryo Air
Arrive in Pyongyang and enjoy the city lights accompanied by a welcome dinner
Stay at Haebangsan (“Liberation Mountain”) Hotel

Day 3 (Tuesday, September 15):

Breakfast at the hotel

Pyongyang Musical Instrument Exhibition
Performances, exhibition tour, Contest and demonstrations.
Business meetings

Dinner, followed by a city tour of Pyongyang
Return to the hotel

Day 4 (Wednesday, September 16):

Pyongyang Musical Instrument Exhibition (continued)
Seminars and concerts
Visit music classes at the Pyongyang University of Music and Dance, Kyungsang Kindergarten, The First Middle School, and Revolutionary Academy
Visit instrumental manufacturing facilities
Dinner on the Taedong River Cruise

Day 5 (Thursday, September 17):

Breakfast at the hotel
Mt. Myohyang tour
Picnic lunch
DIY concert in the woods, hiking, followed by dinner
Return to the hotel

Day 6 (Friday, September 18):

Breakfast at the hotel
Closing ceremony and business meetings
Visit music schools and enjoy impromptu concerts at the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace and a preschool
Visit performing arts venues
Day 7 (Saturday, September 19) Breakfast at the hotel
Depart Pyongyang
This schedule may be modified to accommodate unexpected changes in the local circumstances.

Price: $1,600

  • Included: Round trip fare from Beijing to Pyongyang, local transportation, admission fees to the Exhibition and concerts, hotel, food, pre-Exhibition events, rental fee for display booths, business meetings.
  • Not included: Beijing hotel ($80 per night), visa fee ($160), tips for local guides, interpreters, and drivers.

Application Deadline: August 15, 2015
Application and $800 deposit due
Balance due upon arrival in Beijing

Note: Extra cost will incur when individual extension of itinerary is requested.

KoreaPeaceTours (

About us

Korea Peace Tours has been established by U.S. peace activists to allow more people from the United States and elsewhere to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea and to experience the country, the culture and its people first hand.

Most Americans do not know that there has been a vast expansion of tourism from many countries to the DPRK in recent years.

Nothing takes the place of a first hand experience in learning about another country and another people.

In May 2015 a delegation of women from the United States, including Gloria Steinem, visited North Korea and traveled throughout the country. That was a powerful grassroots statement for peace.

Millions of people in the United States would like to see a new U.S. policy toward North Korea. Instead of endless hostility, threats of war and harsh economic sanctions it is time to sign a Peace Treaty ending the war between the United States and the DPRK once and for all. It is time to normalize relations. Instead of being spoon fed demonized stereotypes of the DPRK, the Korea Peace Tours mission is to help build mutual understanding by providing people in the United States and elsewhere an opportunity to visit and see the DPRK for themselves.

Korea Peace Tours is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring our second trip, an amazing 7 days, 8 nights tour from August 5-12 that will visit cities and towns throughout the DPRK.

The August 5-12 itinerary we have designed in partnership with Glocal Encounters Tour Company offers a wide range of sites and experiences in the capital city Pyongyang, in smaller historic towns and cities, and a trip to Panmunjon at the DMZ that still separates northern and southern Korea.

See the itinerary for the August 5-12 trip!