See The Demilitiarized Zone!

En route to the DMZ, you will be able to see some of the beauty of the Korean countryside and experience the Reunification Highway that links Pyongyang with the southern part of the nation. The highway’s signs will even tell you exactly how far it would take to get to Seoul from your present location.

Your first stop will be the Sinchun War Museum.. This museum remembers the darkness and cruelty of the war. The museum also documents other important historical moments in Korean.history.

The next stop will be the village of Panmunjom, the village that served as a the meeting place for the Military Armistice Commission whose work finally resulted in the end of the military conflict between the United States and North Korea. Here is where you will be able to stand in the same hall where the armistice was signed by the DPRK, United States and the Chinese People”s Volunteer Army on July 27, 1953.

You will be able to get a view into the southern half of the country from the Joint Security Area and actually step across the demarcation line from inside one of the conference rooms. This area has and still plays a major historical role.,

The Demilitarized Zone is often misunderstood as being a border, but taking the trip here will reveal why it can never be more than a temporary and painful barrier of separation between Koreans.

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