Information about the October 2015 Trip

You can still join the October delegation of the Korea Peace Tours to North Korea. This page explains what practical steps you need to take right now to take part in the upcoming trip.

Trip Itinerary

This is an exciting time. The itinerary for this trip is chock full and will give each person an opportunity to experience and learn about modern life in the DPRK, as well as the history and culture of the country.

See the itinerary

You can download the Oct. 6-13, 2015, Tour Brochure with the full itinerary for the trip.


Each person will need to print and fill out two short forms, scan the forms, and email them to us at

The first form is the Tour and Visa Application form for the DPRK.

The second form is the Travel Services Agreement with Glocal Encounters, which is the partner of Korea Peace Tours.

The third document that is required is a scanned color copy of the picture page of your passport. This is required to gain a visa from the DPRK.

Glocal Encounters will obtain the DPRK visa for you and it will be presented when you attend an orientation meeting in Beijing on October 5, the day before we depart for Pyongyang on Air Koryo, which will be on the morning of October 6.

Below are the links to the two forms that you need to print, fill out, scan and email back to

Travel Service Agreement

Tour and Visa Application

Also, remember to scan and email a color copy of your the picture page of your passport.

Paying your deposit

The cost of the October trip is $2,480 (please refer to the brochure we for details about what is included in this price). At the time that you submit your paperwork, please also pay a deposit of $800. Your deposit will be refunded if your visa application is denied, but it is not refundable for any other reason. The full payment will be due no later than September 15, 2015.

Below is a link to the page on the Korea Peace Tours website containing details about how to make your payment. Your payment is being made to Glocal Encounter LLC, the tourism company that is the partner of Korea Peace Tours.

This Korea Peace Tours page provides the information on how to pay using a credit or debit card (via PayPal), to send money through your PayPal account, or to send money online through your bank.

Additional information

We look forward to receiving your paperwork and deposit.

If you have additional questions, you can email