Beautiful Mt. Myohyang

The gorgeous scenery of Korea doesn’t get much more majestic than at Mt. Myohyang, a sacred site due to it being the birthplace of King Tangun who founded the first Korean kingdom of Gojoseon in 2333 B.C.

Your first stop after the peaceful drive from Pyongyang will be the Pohyon Buddhist Temple.Founded in 1024 during the Koryo dynasty and named for deity Pohyon Posal (Samantabhadra), the temple became one of the main sites of Buddhisst pilgramage in the north of Korea.

The mountain offers some of the best opportunities for hiking and trekking in all of the country and serves as a major tourist attraction for DPRK citizens. This is the perfect place to experience a picnic lunch amidst the tranquil vibe of the atmosphere around you.

Mt. Myohyang is a UNESCO world biosphere reserve due to it being home to 12 endangered species of animals, in addition to 16 plant species. It had also been designated as an “Important Bird Area (IBA)” that aims to conserve the habitat for bird populations.

The Revolutionary History Museum of Myohyang-san offers further insight into the legacy of of Korea’s painful struggle to overcome the colonial past.. The museum contains a large collection of artifacts and documents of importance to the national identity of the DPRK.

The architecture and location of the Hyangsan Hotel will stun and entice you from the moment you’re told this is where you’ll be spending the night. This first-class hotel situated in the Korean mountains has fifteen floors with a revolving restaurant and bar at the top of the establishment. There is no better way to complete your visit to Mt. Myohyang than to wind down her e and get recharged for the adventures still to come.

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